Our Executive Team

President* – Janet Ho

1st Vice President* – Heidi Rowe Haver

2nd Vice President*- Kevin Gregory

Secretary* – Annie Allers

Treasurer* – Eric Luo

Membership Director* – Kristen Smith

Communications Director* – Annie Allers

Community Engagement Director –¬†Sandra Mattiussi Nageli

Development Director*  РAndrea Lowe Davis

Social Director* – Christina Chiarello

Program Director*- Abbas Syed

Casino Director* – Ryan Lyster

Communty Engagement Director* – Salman Naseer

Neighbourhood Watch Director – Hazel Rutare Bamwanga Kagoro

Sunstainability Director* – Jagdeesh Bilen

City Zoning Director – Bonita Lehmann

(*have voting rights)

If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact us at: