River Valley News

More power to Epcor’s proposed solar farm – Cash from feds and province

Epcor’s proposed solar farm for southwest Edmonton got a $12.6-million boost Friday in federal and provincial funding. The project will receive $10.7 million from Natural Resources Canada and $1.9 million from Alberta Innovates to add a complete smart grid system — including a battery energy storage component and intelligent controls and monitoring — to the solar farm. Read more at https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/more-power-to-epcors-proposed-solar-farm-cash-from-feds-and-province

Harvesting and Foraging in the River Valley and Ravine Systems is Illegal 

Articles appeared in the media in August https://globalnews.ca/news/4348186/cooking-foraging-alberta-local-range-road/ featuring efforts by an Edmonton restaurant to encourage people to go into the river valley, in particular Whitemud Ravine, and harvest different kinds of edibles. A citizen filed a complaint through 311 as he felt several things reported were contrary to what is laid out in Bylaw 2202.

A response was received November 24 from the Park Ranger Service which advised the city’s lawyers agreed with him and that these activities are illegal. The restaurant mentioned in the media had been contacted and agreed they will discontinue harvesting.

According to the Edmonton Native Plan Group http://edmontonnativeplantgroup.org/ this is good news because of their concern about the promotion of and amount of native plants being harvested in the river valley. They say it is now clearly established with legal review that under Bylaw 2202 foraging and harvesting in the river valley is illegal.

The bylaw states its purpose is to regulate the conduct and activities of people on Parkland in order to promote the safe, enjoyable and reasonable use of such property and to protect and preserve natural ecosystems for the benefit of all citizens of the City. Under Preservation of natural areas the following is stated: While on Parkland no person shall: enter into any undeveloped or natural area other than on an Improved Trail or an Unimproved Trail; remove any rock, gravel, sand or soil; move, remove, cut or damage any tree, shrub, flower, other plant or deadfall.

 NAIT students research bristle snow-removal

A NAIT student group is doing a research project on snow removal in the city, particularly regarding bristle snow-removal machines. They are looking for people to collect bristles they find on trails and streets (the bristles are usually blue) and record the date and location of the find. The data will help the students make recommendations to the city. People can email their data to dfok1@studentmail.nait.ca

Information on the problem of snow-removal machines that sweep snow and sand off Edmonton streets, but leave behind a trail of blue and black bristles can be found at https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/city-of-edmonton-searching-for-solution-to-snow-removal-litter-problem-1.4654019